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People, technology and precision for a moving world!

We are made up of people who, for over 65 years, have sought to ensure every product manufactured, every service provided and every satisfied customer. We have in our day-to-day the optimism of change, the positivity of tradition and the easy adaptation of technology, in addition to the certainty that trust and transparency are solidly, slowly and steadily, carried out throughout a good conversation, with attention and dedication.

Susin Francescutti
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Come draw your story with us and let us be part of your life.

We value health and safety at work, focusing on zero accidents.

We are looking for people who are open to new opportunities, who see technology as a market differential and who strive for the quality of what they do.

As a result, we offer an environment of great learning, transparency and partnership, with programs and benefits aimed at our continuous improvement and your personal growth.

You can't even imagine it, but together, we help move the world.

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